Gravity Sports Team

Seven Seals Racing is home to the first, professionally organized and incorporated, female Gravity Sports Team in the United States.

The team was formed in November 2021.

These phenomenal women hail from diverse backgrounds and lifestyles, yet share the same vision, as athletes!

Jon Huey Photography

Women’s Downhill Skateboarding

Marcie Morgan

Marcie Morgan lives in Enumclaw, Washington, a small town located beneath the shadows of Mt. Rainier. She is currently a full time student with dreams of becoming a Funeral Director. Her strong connection to nature inspired her to open a Florist business where she enjoys working with flowers to curate beautiful arrangements for many occasions. Marcie is the mother of two wonderful sons who are always pushing her to be her best!

Jon Huey Photography
Jon Huey Photography

She has been skating since 2016, when her then 15-year-old son began teaching her. The love for downhill was ignited! Together they went on a road trip for his 16th birthday, where they skated various places from Washington to California. Marcie and her son, Morgan Crofford, would train together every weekend after that, with the goal of racing at the historical Maryhill Loops Road, located in Goldendale, Washington. The bond created through skating together is unique and special. Marcie and her son became the first Mother and Son duo to skate downhill. The legendary moments at Maryhill were documented by Mike Paproski, a pivotal contributor to the photojournalism of the Gravity Sports.

Marcie attended Race Training with Joe Lehm, of Skate School Santa Fe and spent time training with Prototype Racing in California. Her first race took place in September of 2017. At the Maryhill Windwalk, she placed 5th fastest, overall, in Women’s Downhill Skating. After winning 2nd place, in 2019, at the annual Mt. Tabor Downhill Challenge, at the age of 39, she went on to display an intriguing progression in her skills by placing 4th in the West Coasts most prestigious race, Tour De Maryhill, also in 2019.

Marcie is currently ranked 6th in the United States for Women’s Downhill Skating.

After competing in three USA Qualifying Races, Marcie is honored to have secured her placement on Team USA. At the age of 42, she will be the oldest female competitor in the sport, at the upcoming World Skate Games.

Jon Huey Photography

Women’s Street Luge

Sabrina Riffenburgh

Sabrina is a resident of Southern California, where she works as a maintenance mechanic for conveyors and shipping equipment. She enjoys making resin art when not skating or working. Creating interesting face makeup art is also a past time that allows her to tap into her creative side.

Sabrina began to luge in 2013 when she hopped onto her friend’s luge for a tandem run. She was HOOKED! Sabrina started out by borrowing every piece of equipment that she needed and was gradually able to purchase her own protective gear.

Jon Huey Photography
Jon Huey Photography
Jon Huey Photography
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During Christmas of 2014, she was gifted her dream luge by David Rogers of Rogers Brothers. At the time, there were no other women luging in the United States. This put Sabrina into racing with the men. In 2015 Sabrina placed on podium for the first time at Santa Gnarbruh, in Southern California. She placed 3rd behind some amazing racers, and she recalls the feeling of making “crazy passes” being close to others but knowing “I GOT THIS!!”

In 2017, the first ever Women’s Luge race was held at the Maryhill Windwalk. Sabrina was ecstatic to have the opportunity to come together to race with other women that had experienced the same challenges and barriers to entry within the sport! At Maryhill, she found her biggest competitor in the states, Jenn Butler. Sabrina was able to catch her in the second to last turn, on the inside line. Spectators recalled that race as “some of the most thrilling luge races to be seen in a long time.”

In 2019, at the West Coasts most prestigious race, Tour de Maryhill, Sabrina won the Women’s Street Luge Division and took home 1st place.

Sabrina is currently ranked #1 in Women’s Street Luge for the United States. This has earned her placement on Team USA. She is excited to meet new female racers from around the globe and have the opportunity to compete with them at the World Skate Games.

Women’s Downhill Skateboarding

Alica Fillback

Alicia Fillback is a resident of Vancouver in southwest Washington state. She started learning downhill skateboarding at age 19, after being finished with years of competitive soccer. She quickly got involved with the PDX Downhill community, in the neighboring city of Portland, Oregon.

In 2013, Alicia helped to host a skate school in partnership with Rip City Skate, where she taught kids and teenagers the techniques and safety of downhill skateboarding on a closed road.

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Alica has spent many years since, traveling throughout the United States and Canada to compete in races, slide jams, free rides and film video parts for her sponsors. She has a collection of podium achievements from races and slide jams of numerous years, including Maryhill Festival of Speed, Cathlamet Downhill Corral, Central Mass, Guajataka in Puerto Rico, Catalina Island Classic and Tepe and Tacos.

As an artist before she ever touched a skateboard, Alicia has done freelance work as an illustrator to create skateboard graphics for different longboard brands. She also enjoys snowboarding, weight lifting, and like any other local of the Pacific Northwest – camping and hiking. She works full time in the Portland area, as an Apprentice Framer in residential construction building and remodeling houses.

Alicia was among the first openly gay professional longboarders and is engaged to her fiancé, Samantha.

When Seven Seals Racing Team approached Alicia about being on the team, she hadn’t raced for several years. Within one year of team support, Alicia has come back with a vengeance. She is currently ranked 3rd for Women’s Downhill Skateboarding, in the USA, and excited to be competing as an athlete on Team USA at the World Skate Games.

Alicia is proudly sponsored by Landyachtz, Caliber Trucks, and Venom Wheels.

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